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Empower Your Nonprofit

Streamline, Secure, and Sustain with MNS

Valuable expertise in administrative services to let your mission shine.


At MNS, we understand the unique challenges faced by nonprofit organizations.

From managing finances to navigating the digital landscape and ensuring the right talent drives your mission forward, our suite of specialized services is designed to alleviate administrative burdens. Let us partner with you, empowering your nonprofit to focus on its core mission, while we take care of the rest.

Marketing Services

From creative excellence to engaging digital solutions, our collaborative brand-centric approach leads to organizational identities that will create a lasting impact and help you succeed. Our expert team implements strategic foundations by producing content that engages clients and increases brand visibility across a variety of channels.

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Finance Support

Let us handle the financial functions that are consuming your organization’s valuable time and energy. Whether you need someone to oversee payroll, billing, investments, or grant reporting, MNS is the key to responsibly managing your finances and freeing your nonprofit to do what it does best.

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Information Technology

Technology is constantly changing, but keeping up can take a toll on your organization. From help desk services to database design to network and website security, MNS can help you protect and streamline your nonprofit, providing a very real benefit to you, your donors, and those you serve.

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Human Resources

You are who you hire. Finding and keeping the best staff is a full-time job, but it doesn’t have to be yours. MNS can assist with recruiting and retention, designing your benefit plan, and keeping you in compliance with state and federal law. MNS can also consult on volunteer and intern management.

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