Church Support


You have devoted church members who want to help keep the church operating well, but do they have all the tools they need to do so? Many churches, especially smaller congregations, have great volunteers that are very dedicated to the church mission. But they need tools, such as training and resources, to do it well. At Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions, we specialize in keeping nonprofits, including churches, up to date on IRS regulations and offer advice as needed to help your church run smoothly. Some of the services we offer to churches are:

  • Help with selecting and implementing an online donation strategy
  • Training on payroll requirements and due dates
  • Preparation of quarterly and annual payroll tax returns
  • Knowledge of special payroll regulations for clergy
  • How to correct prior returns that were filed incorrectly
  • How to deal with the IRS when a notice is received

On-call expert advice on IT issues

Social media experts to help you navigate webpage design, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms

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