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Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions understands the importance of grants and government contracts funding in delivering your mission. We have secured over $350 million in funding for our members through grants and RFPs by:

Identifying Funding Opportunities

  • Discuss types and sources of funding, as well as determine your funding diversity, strategy, and needs
  • Monitor government, private, and foundation opportunities daily
  • Create executive and/or detailed summaries of opportunities reviewed that align with your mission and funding needs
  • Provide expertise on cultivating and networking with potential funders

Writing and Consulting on Grant Applications and RFPs

  • Research and provide application requirements, eligibility, and funding source history
  • Advise on best practices for project management of proposal process
  • Tailor proposal to optimize acceptance, including how to utilize data and draft compelling stories to enhance your application
  • Verify acceptance requirements and responsibilities, as well as any periodic or ongoing reporting
  • Review application and/or rejection feedback, provide guidance to improve success, and investigate resubmission possibilities
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Identification of
Funding Opportunities

Help nonprofits discern and access diverse funding opportunities by daily monitoring and creating tailored summaries, ensuring alignment with their mission and needs.

Expertise in Grant
& RFP Writing

Offer comprehensive assistance in crafting strong grant applications and RFPs, ensuring they are compelling and align with the funder’s expectations.

Continuous Feedback
& Improvement

Analyze grant application outcomes, provide actionable feedback, and guide nonprofits in refining their approach and exploring resubmission options.