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Facilities Management Consulting

At Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions, our specialty lies in delivering top-notch facilities management services. This allows our customers to concentrate fully on their clients.

By pooling resources, you can reduce your overhead, allocating more funds towards achieving your organization’s objectives.

Federal Project Bidding Assistance:

  • Obtain price quotes from reputable sources for purchases exceeding $3,000.
  • Facilitate public solicitations and procurements through sealed bid methods for purchases above $150,000.
  • Guide you through the bid documentation process and offer bid assessments.
  • Support in the capital campaign process, detailing bid procurement, RFP creation, bid submission sites, obtaining reliable quotes, and bid evaluations.

Daily Maintenance, Repair, and Remodeling:

  • Assess requirements for maintenance, repair, or remodeling and connect you with skilled contractors for substantial projects.
  • Handle minor repairs internally.
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Facilities Management Consulting

Provide expert facilities management services, enabling nonprofits to devote their energies to their clients.

Federal Project Bidding Assistance

Guide and support nonprofits through procurement and bid processes for sizable purchases, ensuring compliance and value.

Daily Maintenance, Repair, and Remodeling

Assist with both minor and major maintenance requirements by connecting nonprofits with reliable contractors or addressing smaller repairs in-house.