Facilities Management


Facilities Management Consulting

At Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions we strive to provide expert facilities management services so our customers can focus on their clients. By sharing resources, you will lower your overhead so you can have more dollars to spend on fulfilling your organization’s mission.

Assist with obtaining bids for new projects subject to federal funding, including:

  • Receive price quotes from qualified sources for purchases over $3,000
  • Public solicitation and procurement through sealed bid processes for purchases over $150,000
  • Assist with document bid processes and provide bid evaluations

Assist with capital campaign process, including how to get bids, how to do an RFP for bids, where to send bids, where to obtain solid quotes and provide evaluations of bids received.

Daily Maintenance, Repair and Remodeling
Evaluate any need for maintenance, repair or remodeling; locate the right contractor with the expertise needed to accomplish large tasks. Take care of minor repairs in-house.

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