Nonprofit Finance Services

Financial Processing & Consulting

At Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions we strive to provide expert finance services so our customers can focus on their clients. By sharing resources, you will lower your overhead so you can have more dollars to spend on fulfilling your organization’s mission.

  • Prepare monthly financial statements; present to the board of directors and answer any questions
  • Provide consultation about which financial metrics the organization should be tracking to accomplish their mission
  • Process payroll for employees in multiple states, calculate and deposit all payroll taxes and process annual W-2.
  • Prepare monthly bank reconciliations
  • Process accounts payable, including preparation of annual 1099s
  • Assist with audit preparation and management
  • Assist with investment management
  • Provide consultation on unit cost and rate setting
  • Provide consultation on annual budget, including budget reports specific to United Way

Handle the entire billing process, including medical billing

  • Includes process of client billings, whether on our system (Microsoft Dynamics) or on client system (EHR, QuickBooks, Peachtree, etc.)
  • Medical billing process includes invoicing the primary, secondary and tertiary payors

Reporting and consulting on receivable collections

Grant Compliance & Reporting
Prepare and file financial reports for United Way and other grantors

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