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At Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions, our dedication lies in offering expert financial services, enabling our clients to prioritize their beneficiaries.

Leveraging shared resources with us can help decrease your operational costs, allowing you to allocate more funds towards achieving your organization’s core objectives.

Our Services Include:

  • Monthly financial statement preparation and presentation to the board of directors, followed by a Q&A session.
  • Expert advice on key financial metrics for your organization to effectively drive its mission forward.
  • Comprehensive payroll services for employees across various states, including payroll tax calculation, deposits, and annual W-2 processing.
  • Monthly bank reconciliation.
  • Comprehensive accounts payable processing, along with annual 1099 preparation.
  • Audit preparation and management support.
  • Investment management assistance.
  • Expert advice on unit cost determination and rate establishment.
  • Annual budget consultation, with specialized reports for United Way.

Billing Services:

  • Full management of the billing process, inclusive of medical billing.
  • Client billing processes, using either our system (Microsoft Dynamics) or client-preferred systems (EHR, QuickBooks, Peachtree, etc.)
  • Comprehensive medical billing, covering invoicing to primary, secondary, and tertiary payors.
  • Reporting and consultancy on receivable collections.

Grant Compliance & Reporting Services:

Financial report preparation and submission for United Way and other grant providers.

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Financial Processing & Consulting Services

Offer specialized financial services, allowing nonprofits to focus on their core objectives.


Manage all facets of billing, from client to medical, ensuring a smooth financial flow.

Grant Compliance &
Reporting Services

Prepare and submit detailed financial reports tailored for grant providers like United Way.