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Trauma-Informed Care
Participants will learn the importance of having a person-centered focus on treating those who have experienced trauma, which is by some estimates 98% of the population. Additional attention is paid to behaviors providers can display that may re-traumatize the person or child in care. Strategies and skills are introduced to increase awareness of how providers in all facets of care can operate from a trauma-informed perspective.

The Impact of Trauma
This training focuses on reducing trauma for children and families. Participants will leave with ways to more intentionally attend to reducing trauma and re-traumatization of children during out-of-home placement.

Hope for the Traumatized Child
It has been established that all children in foster care have experienced trauma at some level, the effects of which can have a detrimental outcome on their behavior and ability to cope. This training will utilize the lens of trauma to identify the meaning behind the behaviors of traumatized children and answer the question, “Where do we go from here?”

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