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Bridges Out of Poverty
This training allows participants the opportunity to use the lens of economic class to understand and take responsibility for their own societal experience while being open to the experience of others. Participants will learn about hidden rules that dictate economic environments.

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention
This training will provide an understanding of the causes, impact, and behaviors in a crisis situation. Learners will acquire knowledge about the importance of reducing re-traumatization during a crisis, while obtaining strategies for safely defusing violent behavior. Participants will have the opportunity to learn key steps to debriefing after a crisis.

Food Hoarding in Children
Participants will be able to define hoarding and identify this behavior in children. They will learn contributing factors that lead to food hoarding along with learning interventions and strategies to reduce food hoarding behaviors.

Human Trafficking
Participants will learn the definitions of human trafficking in relation to Kansas statutes, including Kansas House Bill 2034 regarding domestic minor sex trafficking. Attendees will gain a better understanding of human trafficking on a local and global level and how victims are recruited and groomed for being trafficked. This course provides insight into recognizing the warning signs of human trafficking while also highlighting prevention, intervention, and support services available for victims.

PTSD in Children and Teens
Participants will be able to define Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as it pertains to children and teens. Participants will gain understanding into events that lead to PTSD in children, risk and protective factors and ways to help children heal.

Substance Abuse and Adolescents
This training will provide the audience with information about substance abuse with an emphasis on adolescent usage. Participants will gain an understanding of substance abuse and the addiction, treatment and the recovery process.

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