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Abusive Head Trauma
This training provides information, risk factors, and steps for prevention to avoid Abusive Head Trauma.

Aggressive Behaviors: Understanding and Managing
This training will help participants understand aggressive behaviors and anger in child and the underlying issues that cause these behaviors. You will learn ways to work through the aggression process as well as learn safe and effective ways of crisis intervention and management.

Children’s Health & Safety
In this training, participants will learn the difference between intentional and unintentional injuries; the developmental milestones, nutrition, and food safety for all ages and pressures teens face.

Caring for Teens
This training helps you as a parent understand your teenager’s experiences and needs so you can respond with practical strategies that foster healthy development.

Internet & Social Media Safety
Learn tips to help keep children safe while using the internet and social media and the different safety measures available.

Identifying Children’s Learning Strengths
Participants will understand the 3 main types of learning styles and acquire strategies to use with children to overcome challenges from a strengths based approach.

The Flip It® Approach
FLIP IT® is a strategy developed by Franziska Racker Centers that offers a simple, kind, strengths-based, commonsense and effective four step process to address children’s day-to-day challenging behaviors. Each step is embodied in the FLIP IT® mnemonic which stands for Feelings, Limits, Inquiries and Prompts. This concept transforms best practice into a strategy that is easy to remember, applicable in a variety of challenging situations and portable. The supportive steps are designed to help young children, ages 3 to 8, learn about their feelings, gain self-control and reduce challenging behavior.

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