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It’s a great feeling when you find out that your nonprofit has been awarded a foundation grant. Your hard work writing a proposal pays off, and you receive the funds you need to serve your clients. Increase your chances of success by mastering the main elements of successful grant writing.

1. Focus on Impact for Successful Grant Writing

For many foundations, the most important thing is to explain the tangible difference you expect your activities to have on the issue that you are addressing. That means describing specific and realistic outcomes. You also need a sound plan for collecting and measuring data so you can evaluate your work. Similar to writing a resume, it helps if you can quantify your goals.

2. Keep the Background Information Concise

On the other hand, it’s usually a good idea to limit the time you spend describing your organization and the need for your services. While that is valuable information, a foundation with limited time and staff will want to hear about the project activities you’re proposing. You can often use attachments to fill in the rest of your story.

3. Stay Connected

Networking matters in philanthropy just like any other field. Further, foundations will want to know about your relationships with other funders, nonprofits, and any individuals or organizations that help you to pursue your mission.

4. Include Staff Biographies

While your executive director may be a leader in their field, they may not be able to play a primary role in every project you undertake. If so, foundations will want to know something about the staff that will be doing the day to day work. Be prepared to submit complete and updated staff biographies.

Learn More About Successful Grant Writing

If you’re trying to maximize grant support for your nonprofit, contact us at Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions. Work with experienced and credentialed professionals who can assist you with successful grant writing, marketing, and other services.