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How can your nonprofit connect with donors and grantmakers when social distancing gets in the way? Personal visits usually play a major role in cultivating these important relationships, but now you need alternative options. Having an experienced nonprofit consulting partner who provides business support can help you through this challenge.

Cultivating Donor and Grantmaker Relationships During Social Distancing

Access Nonprofit IT Services:

What can you do when it’s too risky to fly around the country visiting donors in their homes and offices? Video calls and other online communications can be the next best thing. Skilled and reliable IT services will help you to make sure you have the right technology in place to keep you connected  with your supporters. You’ll be able to provide updates, discuss your activities, and explore new funding opportunities.

Share Support:

Nonprofits and their constituents can accomplish more by identifying additional ways to work together. This may be an ideal time to expand your volunteer program. You probably have donors who are eager to give their time as well as money, especially now that they’re spending more hours at home and social distancing. Maybe they would enjoy making phone calls to thank other donors for their gifts or maybe they can provide translation and data entry services.

Show Results:

As always, the best way to thank your donors is to let them know that their support is making a real difference. Effective and efficient operations and management enable you to serve more people and advance your mission. Make strategic planning, evaluation, and training an ongoing part of your work. A clear vision, strong practices, and a dedicated team will help your nonprofit to thrive even in difficult conditions.

Contact us at Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions to learn more about how we can help you with your administrative needs, so you can focus on your mission. Our nonprofit consulting services include IT, HR, finance, training, and grantwriting.