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Due to our long-held partnership with nonprofit organizations, Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions has built a strong set of capabilities for services including analyzing, deploying, and monitoring cybersecurity solutions for nonprofits. Our distinctive perspective on serving nonprofits ensures we can offer cybersecurity solutions tailored to your organization’s culture and overall needs.

To maximize the missions of nonprofit organizations, we provide effective and efficient administrative IT solutions so charities can focus on their beneficiaries. Nonprofits who wish to outsource all or part of their IT support and cloud computing services can use our IT support solutions.

Our packages may include services like limitless remote and on-site helpdesk assistance, proactive network maintenance, and continuing strategic IT planning from our team of dedicated nonprofit-focused IT specialists.

Our services include:

Effective IT Services for Nonprofits

Assessment & Consulting

We serve your nonprofit with custom-built IT structures, provide VOIP infrastructure support and implement backup strategies for disaster recovery. Additionally, we provide secure email hosting on Microsoft Exchange and secure access to Microsoft Active Directory.


We evaluate and strengthen your nonprofit’s cybersecurity standing. Our extensive experience with nonprofit organizations enables us to provide cybersecurity solutions consistent with your needs and organizational culture. We monitor your network for intrusion attempts and provide robust spam and malware protection for all your network-related services. We also help you set up online services and continually review your website security.

Database Design

We help you design a database to continually monitor the services you offer. This allows you to effectively design outcome reports for grantors, donors, and management.

Business Continuity

Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions ensures all your electronic data is securely backed up and monitored daily to safeguard against data loss during a system failure or natural disaster. We also generate monthly status reports of offsite backups and the status of retention policies. Every year, we supply you with reports on disaster recovery drills.

Handle your Nonprofit IT Needs With Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions

Founded in 1965 as a rural day camp for youth, Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions has grown to be a towering figure in the nonprofit support industry. Serving clients across Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Washington, we focus on providing the most efficient administrative and technology services to power your nonprofit or small business. Reach out to us today to get your needs handled.