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Your nonprofit needs to look at grant writing from an environmental perspective whether your mission is saving whales or providing literacy programs in inner-city schools. As issues like global warming continue to cause concern, many foundations are committed to becoming environmentally friendly. Indeed, they are encouraging sustainable practices in their own offices and in their grantmaking. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re writing nonprofit grant proposals.

environmentally friendly office working on grant writing

Apply Online

As always, you can start by checking the application instructions. Some foundations will have very specific directions aimed at making the process as sustainable as possible. At a minimum, that often means submitting your proposal online to reduce the amount of paper used. Even if there are no explicit instructions, you can usually make a good impression minimizing your carbon footprint.

Reduce Packaging

You might think that you can stand out and impress a grantmaker with fancy binders and heavyweight paper. However, that is probably going to backfire these days. Even if you’re sending your proposal by mail, most foundations will appreciate your efforts to keep your package light. That may include using double-sided printing and checking on how many copies are required.

Focus on Sustainability

Maybe your nonprofit has specific achievements or policies that demonstrate your environmental values. You can use your proposal to mention any relevant information such as awards or favorable media coverage related. If your proposal includes a section on organizational background, you can also use that to briefly describe your internal policies concerning sustainable design and the efficient use of energy and office products.

Learn More About an Environmentally Friendly Approach to Nonprofit Grant Writing

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