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If you remember the childhood tale of Chicken Little, running around and screaming “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”  then you know exactly what it feels like when your nonprofit unexpectedly experiences a temporary gap in leadership. It could be a resignation or termination. It could be a parental or other leave of absence. Whatever the occasion, the sudden lack of leadership can definitely feel unsettling, or even chaotic, without a plan in place. This is exactly why Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions is pleased to offer a turnkey professional solution to nonprofits, providing highly qualified and experienced C-suite executives on a temporary basis to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Executive & Interim Leadership Services for Your Nonprofit


Our experienced consulting team will provide you and your staff with a sense of seamless professionalism. We will:

  • Provide a sense of confidence
  • Ensure your organization’s stability and continuity
  • Oversee daily operations
  • Assist with candidate searches and evaluations
  • Work on-site, remotely, or via a hybrid presence option

Financial Advising

Perhaps your organization requires the input of an outside, unbiased financial expert. Our financial consulting team offers you stable, professional guidance whatever your organization’s situation. We can:

  • Perform operational reviews and provide recommendations to enhance financial stability and organizational viability
  • Provide guidance throughout any financial reorganization or liquidation of a nonprofit

IT Services

Has your organization outgrown the current capabilities of your existing IT team? Our IT consultants can:

  • Assess data vulnerabilities and provide solutions
  • Retool security policies
  • Offer temporary help desk services

Leadership Advising

Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions is a trusted partner which will provide you with expert guidance during some of your organization’s most challenging times. We can:

  • Analyze merger and acquisition opportunities, make wise recommendations, and provide expert guidance throughout the entire process
  • Assess organizational processes, policies, and procedures, and provide alternatives or updates, when appropriate
  • Provide crisis consulting and leadership guidance
  • Conduct efficiency studies and present the findings to your board and senior staff
  • Develop succession plans

Reach out to us to learn more about how we can partner with you.

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