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Non-profit organizations need to have people who work on their financials just as a for-profit company would. Some think that non-profit organizations never concern themselves with the dollars and cents of how the operation runs, but that simply isn’t the case. In reality, non-profit organizations have to manage their budgets tightly as well if they intend to remain operational in the future. So, that begs the question: “what are the responsibilities of someone working in finance for a non-profit?”

Finance: Job Roles And Responsibilities

Defining The Finance Role

An individual tasked with financial operations at a non-profit will be asked to perform a number of job roles on any given day. A few of the types of things that someone in this role can expect to have to handle include:

  1. Preparing monthly financial statements about the financial health of the non-profit
  2. Process accounts payable information
  3. Review payroll information to ensure that payments are processed accurately
  4. Assist with investment management
  5. Review the billing processes to ensure they are as efficient as possible

There are other objectives that a financial officer at a non-profit may be obligated to work on as well. The point is, the financial officer is going to have a demanding job, and it is incorrect to think that just because they work for a non-profit they will have nothing to do.

Growth In This Role

The demand for professionals who can handle the financial aspects of non-profit organizations is on the rise. The skill-set is one that is not easy to come by, and many who possess it end up going to work for large corporations. Thus, the number of opportunities available in the non-profit world for this type of work only continues to grow, and the people who decide to make this their chosen career path are often very pleased that they have done so. After all, it provides them with flexibility that they simply would not have elsewhere.

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