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Have you ever wondered how your nonprofit organization can go about finding grants that help kickstart your initiatives? Well, we here at Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions, are glad you asked. Below you will find three key things you can do to locate and secure the funding that your nonprofit needs.

Number 1: Google It

Indeed, there is nothing wrong with doing a good ole Google search. Through such a search, one can stumble upon or locate quite a number of grant funding sources. It is a good idea to start by looking for organizations that may have donated to nonprofits with similar mission statements. Similarly, they may have helped fund organizations that so happen to serve a similar target population as your nonprofit. Following these types of leads can help your nonprofit organization get one step closer to acquiring the funding that you need. Keep track of what you find and compile a list of potential foundations and organizations.

Number 2: Engage in Prospect Research

An extension of the proverbial Google search is to engage in a deeper research process called ‘prospect research’. Partaking in prospect research entails putting together a list of various organizations that provide funding. During this research process, it is equally important to ascertain the size of the grants that these organizations or foundations normally provide. Knowing this information can help you determine if they are the right organization for your nonprofit to reach out to for funding. Another element of prospect research is tracking the results of any and all applications your organization has submitted to the foundations you have found in your search. Tracking this information can not only help keep your search stay organized, moreover, it can also help your nonprofit identify any potential grant funding trends and opportunities that your firm may be able to take advantage of down the line, in the future.

Number 3: Network, Network, Network

Even though you have done some solid work tracking down potential sources of funding, your job is not quite done yet. Networking is also critically important. Here the idea is to build upon the in-depth research you have already done to locate sources of funding. Indeed, once you know who are the major players in the grant providing space, now is the time to network with members of these foundations and organizations. Seek to build relationships with these individuals by attending their sponsored events or gatherings. Or likewise, invite them to your organization’s get-togethers or maybe even share your organization’s newsletter with them. Either way, the idea is to cultivate and build relationships that can be mutually beneficial for everyone involved.

Learn More About Finding Grants

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