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Do you wish your nonprofit organization could spend more of its money on program activities and less on fundraising? If so, nonprofit grant writing may be the solution you’re looking for. See how working with professional grant writing services can help you devote more of your resources to serving your clients and fulfilling your mission.

Lower Your Fundraising Expenses

While there are some expenses involved in grant seeking, the cost is usually quite low compared to other fundraising methods. Your main budget expenses will probably be the time that staff and consultants spend on grant activities, related travel, and information services. By contrast, much of the money you raise through direct mail and telemarketing may wind up going to cover postage, printing, and call agents. However, if you’re not careful, special events could even wind up costing you money if you fail to reach your fundraising targets.

Attract Other Funders With Grant Writing Services

As you develop your grant program, you may find that other funders start to approach you. That’s because many foundations pay close attention to their peers through philanthropic publications, meetings, and word of mouth. As your track record for receiving and managing grants grows, so does your credibility.

Increase Your Organizational Capacity

Best of all, working with an experienced grant writing consultant can help your nonprofit to become more effective and efficient. As you develop proposals and interact with funders, you benefit from thinking strategically about your work. Then, you can answer questions from people outside your organization. Those lessons can enrich everything you do by helping you to recognize your strengths and clarify your priorities.

Learn More About Grant Writing Services

At Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions, we maximize the missions of charitable organizations. Contact us to discuss our customized and cost-effective outsourcing that enables you to pay for just the services you need including grant writing, IT services, and other business support.