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Building a non-profit business takes a lot of hard work and negotiations. While we seek to interest others in the company’s vision, we may be blinded to the usefulness of technology. There are a number of ways to engage stakeholders in the process by using technology.

Here are five ways to use technology to build a base of believers:

Build an Email List

Many businesses agree that one of the best digital marketing platforms is an email list. These lists are so powerful because of the control a company exerts. The first step is usually having the right people sign up. These right people are the ones most likely to work their way down the sales funnel. With each email post sent out, they are led further and further down the sales funnel. The idea is that by the time they reach the bottom, you have a ready-to-invest customer who agrees with your vision.

Find Groups Online/Offline

One of the amazing things about modern society is how easy it is to find information. Some of that vital information is where niche groups hang out, both online and offline. That can be vital if you are looking to provide a service to that group. In addition, learning what that group needs first-hand can provide valuable insights. The best way to work with any new group is not to sell at all, but provide value immediately. Once a person is seen as an expert, they are trusted, and it’s at that point that others can be led to your offering.

Streamline Information to Provide Outcome Reports

One of the most frustrating experiences is when you need information you can’t find. Stakeholders don’t want to have to burrow in deep to data to find the results. Instead, look towards streamlining how data comes in and is stored so that stakeholders can easily get the data they need. This can include simply redesigning a database or modifying how the reports are exported.

Technology is a wonderful asset for any organization. Non-profit businesses should be using technology to leverage their offerings as much as possible. This should include building mailing lists, interacting directly with niche groups, and providing wonderful outcome reports.

Learn More About Building a Non-Profit

To learn what customized IT strategies will work for your non-profit, please contact us. We’ll review your systems and provide valuable feedback on how you can leverage technology.