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If you’re like a lot of small nonprofits, your HR department may be a single person. In fact, HR activities may even be just one part of the job description for your executive director or administrative manager. When you’re trying to take care of so much work with limited resources, hiring a consultant who specializes in HR and other business support for nonprofits can help.

Get More Done

Do you have more ideas than you can implement? Maybe you want to provide more training for your staff or introduce a wellness program. However, valuable projects keep getting put on the back burner because you’re already struggling to keep up with essentials. Engaging HR support is like having an extra set of hands to help you with your to do list. It also gives you greater access to the many areas of expertise involved in HR from conflict resolution to compensation.

Enjoy a Sounding Board

HR activities require a good deal of discretion and good judgment. It’s easy to feel isolated when you’re trying to do everything yourself. It helps to share ideas and discover another perspective when you’re trying to balance consistency and flexibility or deal with employees who may be experiencing conflicts at work and struggling with personal issues. An outside service gives you someone you can talk with about sensitive employee information that you might not want to address with other people in the same workplace.

Improve Quality and Save Money

Regardless of the size of your HR department, one thing is increasingly common these days. Organizations are becoming more focused on tying HR activities to business goals. A competent partner can give you more time for strategic thinking so you can develop priorities and target areas with the greatest return.

Learn More About Supporting Your Solo HR Office

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