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Did your charitable organization make a sudden shift to needing remote employees? As you navigate the transition period, it’s important to keep your employees connected now that they’re no longer sitting next to each other. Here are 5 tips our leadership team wants to share, based on more than 100 years of combined experience in working with nonprofit organizations.

5 Tips for Keeping Nonprofit Remote Employees Connected

Communicate Frequently to Jeep Remote Employees Connected

Don’t be afraid to overcommunicate, especially during the early days. Meeting online daily or even multiple times a day will help to clarify expectations and minimize false assumptions. You can always scale back a little once everyone has a chance to adapt.

Get Together One on One

Private sessions are essential. They will make it easier for your employees to share any relevant details about their personal circumstances. You may also be able to spot signs of stress early on so you can help your employees before any potential issues grow worse.

Use Visuals

Seeing each other on your monitors helps you to feel like you’re in the same space. It also motivates you to wash your hair and get dressed, which is good for your mental health.

Stay Social

Do you miss birthday parties and hallway chats? Explore other ways to hang out together like instant messaging and virtual happy hours.

Keep Learning

Be patient with yourself and each other, especially if you’re relatively new to remote work. It will take time to find what works best for your nonprofit and its unique mission and culture. You will get better the more you practice. Plus, when the new normal rolls around, you may have a lot of valuable lessons about how to do your work better.

Keep Remote Employees Connected

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