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If you’re like many nonprofits, you advertise job openings and wait to see who applies. Unfortunately, that’s not the most effective way to attract top candidates these days. Even without the time or money to devote to recruiting, there are practical methods to use. Consider these ideas for how charitable organizations can become more proactive about hiring.

Sell Yourself:

Don’t just describe the position. Tell candidates why you’re a great place to work. You’ll be more likely to get people who share your excitement about your mission. Indeed, they will appreciate the advantages of working in the nonprofit sector. Spend time thinking about your employer brand and your employee value proposition because they play a big role in making you successful in both recruitment and retention.

Engage Your Staff:

Your current employees can be a powerful asset. Find out what they like and dislike most about your workplace, and use that data to make positive changes. Also, employee referrals are one of the best sources of qualified candidates so encourage and reward those efforts. Engage employees in the recruitment process and other HR functions as much as possible. In fact,  they can find outstanding professionals at networking events for your talent pipeline and make new hires feel welcome during pre-boarding and onboarding.

Seek Outside Support:

Recruitment and other HR functions can be a heavy workload to add on top of your responsibility to serve your clients. Partnering with a consulting firm that specializes in nonprofits can help you to figure out which recruitment strategies are best for you and build a stronger team.

Learn More About Recruiting for Charitable Organizations

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