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Your congregation, no matter how large or small, has a mission. You are already wearing multiple hats. There is a good chance that your top volunteers are similarly stretched thin. Do you really want to add more to your plate or theirs? With back-office church support, you do not have to.

The Back Office Church Support Nobody Talks About

Back-Office Support Deals with the Money

There is a good chance that your church is a non-profit organization that enjoys a tax-exempt status. Moreover, you most likely fund your salaries and activities with member donations. Even though the IRS does not need you to pay income tax, they want to see your books.


Back-office support streamlines the process.

  • Move donations online. Take cash out of the equation as much as possible. It increases security and makes donation tracking quick and easy.
  • Follow payroll guidelines. Those getting a salary from the church fall under special payroll regulations. Have the experts train you, prepare quarterly and annual returns, and correct any mistakes you may have made in the past.


Add Social Media Expertise to the Mix

Online church services have been lifelines for many faithful over the last year. Find ways to increase your social media reach with contemporary webpage design, Facebook presence, Twitter setup, and joining the social media platforms that your teen ministries are most likely using right now. Without the paperwork duty, you can spend your time effectively working with people, following up on delegated tasks, and being a presence when necessary.


Church Support Lets You Follow Your Calling

Continue to work with your team of volunteers to reach the lost and serve the community. Inspire visitors at your services, and offer encouragement to those in need. Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions does the back-office support that helps you keep the lights on and the programs funded. Contact us today to learn more about this opportunity!