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The Internet plays a key role in the daily operations of nearly every business. Technology makes it possible to communicate instantly with clients across the globe. However, the advantages of technology aren’t without a few drawbacks. Hackers are always looking at new strategies to steal your data and wreak havoc in the workplace. Understanding how to limit these cybersecurity threats is crucial in giving your company the best protection available.

Here are a few of the main reasons for your nonprofit to consider outsourcing your IT security needs in the workplace.

Why Your Nonprofit Needs to Outsource IT Security


Data Security

Keeping your information safe isn’t always easy due to the ever-increasing amount of data generated on a daily basis. An IT security company can upload your data to a cloud-based server for an added layer of security. These IT professionals can also monitor your network at all times for additional protection against cyber threats.

Vulnerability Assessments
One of the best ways to recognize weaknesses within your IT infrastructure is to conduct vulnerability assessments. An IT service provider can perform these tests on a routine basis to highlight any weak areas within your network. Fixing these vulnerabilities can happen in multiple ways, whether it is updating your software, enabling remote monitoring, or removing an outdated user account.

Keep Firewalls and Other Software Up to Date
Firewalls play a critical role in keeping your network safe against external threats. However, a firewall can eventually get outdated overtime. Turning on automatic updates is essential to ensure your firewall receives the latest security updates. Keeping all of your security software up to date is also important in patching vulnerabilities before they cause significant problems for your company.

Technology is constantly changing, but keeping up can take a toll on your organization. From help desk services to database design, to network and website security, MNS can help you protect and streamline your nonprofit, providing a very real benefit to you, your donors, and those you serve.

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