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finding operating grants for a nonprofit

There are nonprofits out there that have given up on finding grants. That’s sometimes what happens when a charity approaches a few foundations one year and, then, decides to move on to something else because none of their proposals were funded.

In reality, it pays to keep trying to find grants. A successful grant program can take time to do the research to find relevant grantmakers, build relationships, and learn how to write a successful proposal. Here are 3 good reasons that will help motivate you and your staff to hang in there until you see results.

Foundations Change Grants

Just because a foundation doesn’t fund you today, doesn’t mean they won’t do so in the future. Program priorities change, and you may have a chance to provide valuable input. Staff members come and go, especially at large foundations, so you may find new supporters. It’s also possible that while all funds are committed for the current year, you can put your nonprofit on the grantmaker’s radar for the next cycle.

Feedback Guides Your Nonprofit

Even if you don’t receive an immediate grant, feedback from foundations can be very informative. You may learn what you need to do to make your nonprofit more likely to receive grants.

Working With a Grant Writing Consultant Helps Your Nonprofit

Does your staff have much experience with writing proposals and interacting with foundations? Working with a consultant who specializes in such areas could help you strengthen and present your case. You’ll be able to benefit from their expertise in finding the right grantmakers for you and writing successful proposals.

If you’re wondering whether your nonprofit organization has the potential to get more grants, contact us. At Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions, we provide efficient and effective grantsmanship and administrative services. We look forward to hearing from you!