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If you’re like many nonprofits, employee burnout is a risk you have to watch out for. You’re probably trying to fulfill a challenging mission with tight resources. On top of that, your employees may care so much about their work, that they push themselves beyond their limits. Learn how an effective HR strategy can help you fight burnout before it becomes a problem.

Clarify Expectations

Don’t depend on job descriptions alone or assume that employees can read your mind. Discuss priorities and desired outcomes on a regular basis. Indeed, make sure you’re providing appropriate training, support, and resources. Then, consider putting performance expectations in writing to minimize misunderstandings.

Address Issues Promptly

Major concerns rarely go away on their own. Create a culture where employees are encouraged to identify obstacles and propose solutions. It’s also important to seek common ground and resolve conflicts respectfully.

Encourage Feedback

Ongoing feedback is far more helpful than waiting for annual performance reviews. Let employees know that their voice is valued and welcome. Provide opportunities to offer input and participate in decision making. Then, meet with employees regularly to let them know how they’re doing and make concrete plans for how they can grow.

Offer Rewards

Show your appreciation for the effort, creativity, and high performance. Thus, create an employee of the month program. Celebrate the successful completion of a big project by giving everyone an extra day off or arranging an outing to a local attraction.

Prioritize Wellness

Wellness programs aren’t just for big corporations. Make it as easy as possible for your employees to take care of their mental and physical health. Then, survey them on what benefits would be most useful to them from educational resources to an on-site fitness room.

Find More Ways to Fight Employee Burnout at Your Charitable Organization

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