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There are several pillars to a solid marketing strategy. As a nonprofit, you should be incorporating all of the following four techniques in your nonprofit marketing strategy campaign. This will allow you to have the greatest possible impact.

Content Marketing

Content marketing comes in a few forms. First and foremost is starting a blog. Blogging regularly will give you the authority to help you present yourself as a reliable source of information. It also provides you with a platform for important news updates and announcements.

Native advertising is yet another option. This involves paying for an advertisement in the form of an article. Writing guest posts for larger sites is a similar strategy.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. It has a very high conversion rate and allows you to attract repeat donors and supporters. You can use it for special offers, such as donation matching campaigns. It can also be a form of content marketing; use it to send out monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly newsletters.

Social Media Marketing

A social media strategy is a must for every nonprofit. Having a large social media following will give you important social proof. You’ll also increase your reach. Even if people can’t donate, they may still like and share your posts with their family and friends. Social media can be one of your most important sources of free traffic.

Video Marketing

Finally, don’t forget video marketing. Setting up a Youtube channel is a form of video content marketing; you’ll reach more people and improve your brand image. Using videos on social media will increase engagement and shares. Live videos are also important; they help you connect with your audience and have a high conversion rate. Facebook Live and Periscope are good places to get started. You can stream live on Youtube as well by taking advantage of the special free features of Youtube For Nonprofits.

Learn More About a Nonprofit Marketing Strategy

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