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A well-designed website is a nonprofit’s best friend. It gives you authority, gets the word out about your work, and attracts donors. Here are four important things to focus on when building a website for your nonprofit.

Present Consistent Branding

It’s important to present consistent branding across your site and your other online channels, such as your social media profiles. This isn’t just about your logo. It is, more importantly, about your tone of voice and the message you are trying to convey.

Include a Blog

Even if you can only post once a month, it is still crucial to have a blog on your site (though posting more often is recommended). A blog serves several purposes. For one, it attracts more visitors through organic SEO traffic. More visitors equals more donors. It also gives you the authority and trust that is necessary to convert people into donors.

Include a Media Page

If your blog does well or you are otherwise making a name for yourself through the work that you do, media publications (online or offline) may want to include a feature about you. It’s a good idea to have a page with useful information for people who want to write about you, such as images they can use and people they can contact to interview or to get more information about your work.

Don’t Annoy People

This should be obvious, right? Why would anyone want to annoy their visitors? Yet, so many websites have features that are incredibly annoying and do more harm than good, driving away visitors.

Examples of annoying web design features would be videos that start playing automatically, especially if they are not on mute. This not only slows down the page loading time, but it’s also inconvenient if someone is on your page in a quiet place or at work. Another example would be pop-ups that are hard to close.

Learn More About Building a Website for Your Nonprofit

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