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As a nonprofit, your website serves to showcase your good work, inform people what you stand for, and attract donors. Putting effort into creating a great website is a must. Here are five useful web design tip for nonprofits.

Tell a Convincing Story

If your primary goal is to attract donors, then the purpose of your website should be to tell a convincing story (or stories). Feature images and videos that showcase the impact of your work. Include touching personal testimonials that show how your work has impacted the lives of real people. Tell the story of how you are changing the world.

Have a Clear Call to Action

If you want people to donate, then make it easy for them to do so. Have a clear call-to-action displayed on every page so that people can easily make a donation. This can be in the sidebar or at the bottom of a blog post.

Keep it Clean and Professional

A clean and professional looking website is important if you want to present a good image and make a good first impression. Websites that look like they are from the year 2002, aren’t mobile responsive, or simply look poorly designed will not help convince people to make a donation.

Security is Important

It’s a good idea to get an SSL certificate for your website (so that HTTPS is displayed in the browser bar). On your donation page, make sure all payment forms are secure. It’s all about making sure people are comfortable enough to hand over their money to your cause.

Make Navigation Easy

Have a simple menu that is easy to follow. Don’t clutter it; just include the most important pages. Less important pages can be included in sub-menus on smaller pages or via a drop-down menu.

Learn More About Web Design for Nonprofits

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