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Brands have been newsjacking for years, but social media has increased the opportunities and impact. While taking advantage of current events is beneficial for any organization, it works especially well for nonprofits with a limited budget and an audience that’s passionate about your work. It can be a very cost-effective way to raise awareness and increase funding. Learn how to newsjack like a pro and how a marketing consultant can help.



Newsjacking involves capitalizing on a breaking story and injecting your own angle. When done well, it can attract publicity and increase sales and donations. For example, Charmin was one of many major companies that used the Academy Awards to create some limelight of their own. They created popular Twitter posts that warned celebrities to look down before their speech, suggesting they not get their long gowns or something worse stuck under their shoes.

How to Newsjack

To start with, you have to monitor the news with tools like an RSS feed. You also have to act fast. Many stories start to die down within hours. While organic searches and your own constituents are a good place to start, you also want to build partnerships with the press and other allies to help spread your message. On the other hand, you want to avoid controversy. Some brands have learned the hard way about causing offense with commercial promotions tied to hurricanes or other tragic events.

How a Marketing Consultant Can Help

An experienced nonprofit consultant can help you identify appropriate opportunities, craft your message, and connect with potential allies. We can also help you coordinate your social media strategy on Twitter and other platforms.

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