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Wouldn’t it be great if your nonprofit could receive a grant that would make a long term difference in your ability to fulfill your mission and deliver better services to more of your constituents? You’ll be happy to know that there is such a thing, and they are called capacity building grants. Find out more about this important and valuable form of support.

What Are Capacity Building Grants?

Like the name suggests, these grants strengthen the skills and abilities of your organization. They often focus on management processes and leadership and governance issues. For example, you may get funding to help you diversify your board and staff or to work with a consultant who can help you budget your organization’s funds more effectively.

Where Can I Find Funders?

One of the best sources for capacity building grants is the foundations and other donors you already work with. After all, they’ve already shown an interest in your work, and they’ve made an investment in your future. You can also research what kinds of grants a foundation makes when you use data from sources like the Foundation Center databases and publications.

How Do I Write a Proposal?

Writing a proposal for capacity building grants is somewhat different than the usual operating or project proposal. You’ll be talking more about internal processes rather than program activities that serve an external population. It’s often very helpful to work with consultants who have expertise in nonprofit management. Then, they can clarify exactly what you’ll be doing with the funds and improvements you plan to make. Reaching out for the help you need will increase your chances of getting a grant and using the funds as productively as possible.

Find More Capacity Building Grants for Your Nonprofit Organization

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