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You have already laid down the goals and objectives of your nonprofit organization. You even put together a wonderful team of volunteers or employees or have outsourced your HR services to a third-party organization. But you remain stuck since you lack the funding to move forward. Consequentially, the people you ought to be helping are also suffering.

Grants, big or small, private or public, are one of the surest ways to get funding for your nonprofit organization. However, the competition is high most charitable organizations tend to miss out on lucrative grants since they lack the expertise to write these grants. It is approximated that more than 80% of grant applications never go through.

Getting the right third-party nonprofit company can help your organization get grants. But this is not easy as most people offer their services at a cost, one that would be detrimental to the mission of your charitable organization. Don’t worry. We are here for you.

Enjoy Free Grant Writing Services for Your Nonprofit Organization

Why Hire Professionals to Write Your Grant?

Grant writing services require professionalism and skills that heighten the chances of your organization qualifying for a grant. You don’t have to go for grant writing classes to achieve this. Having the right professionals in your corner will relieve the burden of writing grants, allowing you to concentrate on helping others. Professional grant writing services also help you in:

  • Getting the right funder; one who matches your needs, goals and objectives
  • Research to get the best grant opportunities
  • Submitting grant applications
  • Budget creation and appropriate financial allocation
  • Developing a workable strategic plan
  • Analyzing your nonprofit organization to see if it is eligible for a grant, and
  • Assisting with grant-related 501(c)(3) requirements.

We Are Ready to Help You Help Others

You want an organization that will help you free of charge throughout the grant application process to maximize how much you put into helping others.

Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is here to help your charity serve others better by focusing more on what matters in your line of work. We are your go-to organization for all your nonprofit HR needs, including grant writing services if you are in Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas and Washington.

Apart from writing grants, we also offer free human resource services, program support, information technology (IT), facilities management, staff training, finance, risk management and marketing.

At Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions, we endeavor to enable you help others better. Please contact us today and let us help with your grant writing process or for more information about our services as we help you focus on extending charity to others.