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Human resources are essential to getting your non-profit or charitable organization up and running as you work towards achieving your mission and vision in your endeavor to make a difference. You need an effective team of staff members and volunteers to steward donations and grants towards charity, in line with the organization’s mission.

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Why Get HR Services?

Contrary to general misconceptions, non-profit and charitable organizations are not exempt from employment regulations. Therefore, human resources are an essential entity for building and strengthening your organization and complying with federal, state, and local laws.

It might be challenging for charitable organizations to build dedicated HR departments due to the lack of time and/or resources. But this does not imply that they should ignore their staffing and personnel issues; they should operate and attend to tasks just like profit-seeking organizations.

A third-party HR company can save you the time, resources, and effort of building an entire HR department, helping you focus your energy towards your passion for helping people out. Such a company will help address the main personnel issues, including:

  • Personnel needs assessment
  • Compliance and documentation
  • Staffing, onboarding, and recruitment
  • Selection and hiring
  • Payroll and taxes
  • Compensation
  • Building organizational culture
  • Mission management
  • Volunteer management
  • Orientation of new staff members and volunteers, and
  • Performance appraisal.

Let Us Help You Help Others Better

Charitable organizations want to minimize their operations costs and increase the amount they give to charity. You do not have to fret about finding a non-profit company that will work with you all the way.

Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is here to help your charity serve others better by focusing more on what matters in your line of work. We are your go-to organization for all your nonprofit HR needs in Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, and Washington. All your staffing and compliance needs are adequately taken care of to ensure that your nonprofit organization runs smoothly.

Apart from human resources, we offer other solutions and services, including program support, information technology (IT), facilities management, staff training, finance, risk management, and marketing.

At Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions, we endeavor to enable you to help others better. Please contact us today and let us help with your nonprofit HR needs or for more information about our services, as we help you focus more on extending charity to others.