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At Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions (MNS), we understand that managing organizational finances is a source of challenges and failure for many organizations, especially nonprofit organizations. The need for financial consultancy is not a new trend in any sector. Many organizations soon realize their increasing magnitude of financial risks as they grow or implement organizational changes. As such, MNS has advanced and proved solutions for financial management.


MNS will provide your organization with a full spectrum of financial accounting support and related admin and IT support. We streamline and improve the preparation of periodic financial statements, including monthly, quarterly, and annual statements. We also help prepare presentations to boards of directors and other stakeholders. Our experience has helped identify and predict many clients’ critical questions when facing such boards.


MNS has also mastered the development and streamlining of IT-based financial functions. Your organization will also benefit from decluttering of functions that may be consuming your IT resources. MNS also helps improve your understanding of the direction of appropriate innovations.

Financial administration is another area that your organization will benefit from when leveraging MNS services. MNS helps develop your desk services, design your database, develop your network and web security, and manage these systems.


Financial processing is another primary domain of potential operational improvement for organizations. Suppose you need to streamline your financial processing. In that case, MNS will swiftly expedite your operations by helping your organization identify areas of capacity, lags in processing, risks and areas of disputes, and complexities of financial processing.


As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, we are ready to provide effective, efficient administrative services, enabling your nonprofit or small business to focus on the value chain and clientele. In Kansas, Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, or Washington, contact us for financial consultancy or check out our other services on facilities management, information technology, human resources, marketing, risk management, program support, and training.