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In today’s world, it’s impossible to escape the impact that digital technology has had on daily life. Like any business, your organization relies on information technology (IT) to deliver your services. Navigating the world of IT can be challenging if you don’t have the time or staff to focus on it. Fortunately, Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions (MNS) offers the services and expertise to help you along the way. Let us cover your IT needs so you can concentrate on your core mission.

Essential IT Services for Non Profits

Assessment & Consulting

MNS starts by assessing the current state of your IT and plotting a course toward an ideal future state. Our experts can design custom IT structures to fit your needs, including staffing and technology. We’ll build reliable network infrastructure (like routers and firewalls) to keep your systems running smoothly and talking to each other seamlessly. Along the way, we’ll keep your data secure and highly available. You’ll be ready for adverse events, whether you need to retrieve a single lost file or recover from a disaster.

If you already have a solid IT footing, MNS can build you up to the next level. Our dedicated help desk services can free your staff from answering technology questions and let them focus on supporting your mission. Secure Microsoft Exchange email hosting reduces the risk of losing crucial business data while freeing you from the intricacies of email administration. Voice over IP (VoIP) technology reduces telecommunications expense while opening up a new world of features.

Database Design

Let’s face it – most off-the-shelf software isn’t designed with non-profit organizations in mind. Even leading software packages may need some rework and tweaking to make them fit your business model. But unless you have database experts on staff, you may not feel ready to tackle designing a system that really meets your needs. Let our database design professionals craft a home for your data that is focused on your core values. As a fellow nonprofit, we’ll make sure your new database stores donor information, staff turnover, financial performance, and any other data points you deem necessary. From that single source of truth, you can derive any number of quality reports. Management can track seasonal giving trends, donors can watch how close you are to realizing your goals, and grantors can see how their resources are being used. We’ll help you turn your data into information and that information into intelligence.

Business Continuity

Regular backups are your best defense against data loss. But simply backing up your entire data set can be costly and may make restoration more cumbersome. Let MNS design a backup strategy that maximizes your storage and simplifies data retrieval. That strategy will embrace offsite backup standards, insulating you against data loss in your main location. In the event of hardware failure, we’ll use these backups to get you up and running quickly. You’ll know where your business continuity efforts stand thanks to regular reports on backup status and data retention. We can even provide annual reports on disaster recovery drills, whether required for regulatory purposes or just for your peace of mind.


These days, cybersecurity news is trending for all the wrong reasons. New threats appear daily, and it’s hard to keep up with the system updates that keep us protected. MNS continuously monitors these threats and can help to defend your data as well. Our network monitoring software can send alerts when it detects any sort of intrusion attempt. We’ll set you up with special software to defend against spam and malware too, so your email and data stay safe. Finally, we’ll review any Internet-facing services you provide, such as your website. You can’t provide services to the community if your systems have been compromised; contact us today to see how MNS can help keep you safe.