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Recruiting emotionally intelligent employees is one of the most important HR objectives for charitable organizations. Studies show that focusing on emotional intelligence (EI) is more likely to result in a successful hire rather than relying on job skills or educational degrees alone.

You’ve probably heard the term, but you may still be wondering what EI really means. It’s basically the ability to monitor emotions in yourself and others, to relate to others effectively. It encompasses self-awareness, emotional regulation, and relationship management.

There are several ways to structure your hiring to help you attract candidates with these valuable skills:

Use Behavioral Questions to Find Emotionally Intelligent Employees

One of the most effective things you can do is to conduct behavioral-based interviews. That means questions are based on a candidate’s past behavior as a way of predicting what they’re likely to do in the future. For example, you ask them to describe a time they were under pressure at work and how they handled it. This is sometimes called the star method because responses need to include the situation, the task or responsibility involved, the actions the candidate took, and the results they created.

Edit Your Job Descriptions

Include the personal qualities you’re seeking in your job advertising. Yes, everyone will probably say they’re a self-aware team player, but it’s still useful. Good candidates will be prepared with a story to back up their claims. Further, they’ll be able to get a sense of whether they’re a fit for your culture.

Check References Carefully

Pay attention to what others say too. In addition to verifying past employment dates and titles, be sure to ask references about the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

Work With an Experienced Recruiter

The more you interview, the easier it is to recognize emotional intelligence. That’s one compelling reason for working with HR consultants who will help you put together a winning team.

Learn More About Hiring Emotionally Intelligent Employees

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