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Looking back at what has happened in the digital world a decade ago, it was impossible to predict back then. The past year or so amid the pandemic gives us a grasp of what to expect in the post-pandemic world. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into trends your nonprofit needs to watch and learn how you can keep up with them.

Keeping Up with Information Technology Trends at Your Nonprofit

1. Cybersecurity

Threats to organization data and networks are becoming more sophisticated by the day. While this is the case, everything is not in the dark; adopting an all-inclusive cybersecurity strategy at your nonprofit can help protect data. You don’t want personal info, credit card details, or health information belonging to donors or beneficiaries falling into the hands of cybercriminals. Partnering with IT experts who understand security is the correct route to take.

2. Cloud Technologies

Nonprofits seem to be lagging with outdated legacy systems that are, in fact, expensive to run and maintain. Migrating to the cloud offers organizations cheap and effective IT solutions to integrate tools such as call centers and collaboration tools efficiently. Data stored in the cloud is also less vulnerable to threats like hardware failures or outages.

3. Remote and Hybrid Workplace Models

As companies adopt these models, nonprofit organizations also need to up their game and incorporate the technology required for their workforce to work proficiently in a remote or hybrid environment. This can also help your organization to attract top talent due to flexibility in the workplace.

4. Revolutionizing Fundraising through Technology

The blood of any nonprofit is accessibility to funds. Finding the donors and qualifying for grants is vital if you’re to fulfill your mission. Integrating new payment methods into your technology can boost your fundraising campaigns. Keeping up with technology also means that you can reach the younger population that wouldn’t mind donating funds if the method takes advantage of the tech they’re already using. For instance, incorporate methods like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Venmo, or ways that require only a mobile phone to complete the payment.

The Upshot

As a nonprofit, keeping up with this technological pace is critical in order to remain competitive, afloat and still deliver your mission as initially intended. However, this can be challenging and expensive if you lack an experienced IT team or partner. This is where Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions come in. We help organizations with help desk services, database design, network, and cybersecurity services at an affordable rate. Connect with our helpful team today to learn how to transform your nonprofit with our customizable solutions.