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Reliable nonprofit IT support enables you to fulfill your mission, even when your work is undergoing major changes. As your organization adapts to the new normal, keep these 3 new priority areas in mind for your technology needs.

3 New Priority Areas for Nonprofit IT Support

Nonprofit IT Support for Seamless Remote Work

If you’re like many organizations, you’ve had to send much of your staff home to work. Even after things reopen, many experts believe that remote work will become far more widespread. That is going to affect the extent and nature of the IT services you will need. For example, will you provide your employees with devices or develop policies for them using their own equipment? What kind of software will you need for virtual meetings and online document sharing?

Increased Automation

Maybe you’re trying to accomplish more with fewer resources. All across the philanthropic sector, nonprofits are facing increased demand for their services even while they might have to reduce staff and deal with drops in funding. Automation is one way to become more efficient in using scarce resources. IT professionals can assess your administrative and program tasks to identify areas where you can utilize technology. Indeed, the potential savings amaze clients.

Enhanced Security

Crisis situations often bring out the best in people. You see evidence all around you of people being compassionate and kind. For example, some make masks for the homeless and bring groceries to elderly neighbors. However, we also have to face the reality that online intrusion attempts and scams may also increase. Keep your security up to date to protect your data and your organization. Also, be prepared to deal with new security needs related to having your employees work from home.

Learn More About Nonprofit IT Support

Contact us at Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions to discuss your information services needs. Our talented and experienced team is ready to assist you with assessment and counseling, database design, business continuity, security, and more.