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With so much uncertainty in the world today, you might think it’s impossible to focus on your training needs right now. However, the surprising truth is that disruption can create the ideal conditions for teachable moments. Here are a few points to consider:

The Surprising Truth about Disruption and Training for Nonprofits

Confident businesswoman training new employees.

Why Is a Disruption a Good Time for Training?

It’s often difficult to take a step back from the daily business of your nonprofit in order to think about longer-term questions like the staff and board training. That’s why it makes sense to seize the advantage when a disruption interrupts business as usual. This can be an opportunity to reframe the way we look at things so we can benefit from being more flexible and open to adapting and learning.

How Does Training Encourage Innovation?

Even when your mission remains the same, your methods may change. You may find that going forward you will need new staff capabilities and different programs and practices. Investing in training is essential to position your nonprofit for continued success. It’s one way to make sure you will have the resources you need to remain productive and up to date. Nonprofits that make training a priority are more likely to thrive and continue serving their constituents.

How Does It Build Morale?

The outcomes of training may be the first thing on your mind, but just the process itself can be valuable too. A learning culture is very good for morale. It gives teams a chance to come together and experience the excitement of finding ways to do their jobs better. They motivate each other with constructive feedback and work towards shared goals.

Learn More About Disruption and Training for Nonprofits

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