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Emergencies like cardiac arrests and other life-threatening events can happen when you least expect it and change life as you know it instantly. In such cases, the presence of someone who has received first aid and CPR training might be the difference between life and death. Indeed, it is the skill you wish you had but hope you never need. But in case you do, you better hope you or someone close to you has it.

Non-profit organization American Red Cross First Aid & CPR training

What does the Law say?

Every business is required by law to follow health and safety requirements outlined in the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981. This includes the provision of adequate and suitable equipment, facilities, and staff to guarantee that employees receive prompt medical assistance if they are injured or become unwell at work. So, employers must assess their workplaces to identify risks and hazards and adopt control measures such as first aid equipment, certified first aiders, and training for their employees.

Corporate first aid and CPR

An emergency can happen at any time, but who in the workplace is equipped to respond?

According to studies, prompt CPR can triple a heart attack victim’s chance of survival. Aside from that, first aid and CPR training teaches how to react and respond to emergency circumstances calmly. Employees with first aid and CPR training can better handle emergency situations and, just by acting correctly, save the lives of their coworkers.

Whether you are training your staff to satisfy OSHA, corporate policy, or simply desire a safer workplace, Mainstream Nonprofit Options will provide flexible First Aid and CPR
training solutions.

Flexible Training Solutions

General first aid knowledge is insufficient, so don’t stop there. We give Red Cross first aid and CPR training to charitable organizations in Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas and Washington while also tailoring it to the sector.

Receiving industry-specific training guarantees that personnel can relate to and apply gained abilities to real-time emergency occurrences. We provide this training to new and recertified personnel through online and in-person sessions. All trainees get a 2-year Red Cross certification upon completion.

Red Cross first aid and CPR training for a safer workplace

We have an extensive network of educators in Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas and Washington. A vast majority of whom have experience as nurses and or emergency medical technicians. But we also structure all of our programs to adhere to your company policy while staying within the budget. The companies we support range in size from modest local companies operating from a single location to large non-profit organizations.

Contact us today at Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions to enroll your team in first aid and CPR training, and we will handle the rest.