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A lack of essential nonprofit IT resources can put your organization at risk. For example, do you have a technology committee on your board? For many charities, the answer is no. However, a nonprofit IT committee can help you develop the leadership you need to fulfill your mission.

Why Your Nonprofit Board Needs an IT Committee

Only 5% of hospitals and health system boards have dedicated technology committees and only 4% of trustees have direct technology experience, according to a recent study published by HealthTech Magazine. There’s no reason to assume that the situation is any better in most other sectors of the nonprofit world.

Keeping up with technology is obviously beneficial, but it can be tough to do with budget constraints and overworked employees. Here are some ideas to help you move forward.

Advantages of Having an IT Committee on Your Nonprofit Board

Nonprofits rely on technology just like any other organization. Now, with COVID-19, staying up to date is even more urgent as you deal with an increase in remote work. A tech-savvy board can help you protect your nonprofit from cyber threats, make sound decisions about investing in technology, and potentially improve the quality of your services for all your constituencies.

How Nonprofit IT Services Can Help You Form a Technology Committee

We can provide our nonprofit clients with a full range of information technology support and services. Additionally, that includes everything from assessment and consulting to business continuity and security. Our experienced staff helps your board develop the technological capacity to provide oversight and guidance for your operations.


Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions offers efficient and effective administrative services including IT support, grant writing, and other essential functions. So, contact us to learn more about our affordable custom solutions.