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If your employees seem tired and irritable lately, they could be suffering from compassion fatigue. It’s a potentially serious condition that has always been an issue in some fields such as health care. Now, it may be extending further and deeper at many charitable organizations that are struggling to keep up with the emotional and financial losses caused by COVID-19. Here are some suggestions for developing an HR strategy to protect your staff from burnout.

Protecting Your Charitable Organization Employees from Compassion Fatigue

Spotting the Symptoms of Compassion Fatigue at Your Nonprofit:

How can you tell if you or another employee are showing signs of compassion fatigue? These are some things to look for. You may be deeply affected by the disturbing events you see around you. You’re likely to feel exhausted, vulnerable, and hopeless. Without help, you might start blaming others when things go wrong, and engaging in self-destructive behavior such as excessive drinking and overeating. Over time, compassion fatigue can interfere with your productivity, and your overall mental and physical health.

HR Strategies for Fighting Compassion Fatigue at Your Nonprofit:

Your HR policies and practices can help your staff to deal with daily pressures without becoming overwhelmed. Encourage employees to use their vacation days and break for lunch. Otherwise, they might be tempted to work excessive overtime, which usually makes things worse. It’s also important to build community, so employees can help each other. Take time to share success stories, and talk about your shared mission and purpose. Your HR department can also make training and resources available to help employees deal with stress, practice self-care, and reduce their risk of compassion fatigue.

Working with an experienced consulting team can help you to make sure that your HR department is prepared to keep your employees productive and resilient during this difficult time. Contact us at Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions to learn more about our efficient and effective administrative services.