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Where can you find more online volunteers for your nonprofit? You may have new roles to fill, and you may have had to shelve some of your old methods at least temporarily. This can be a difficult time to do your outreach by traveling around your community in person, but there are plenty of effective alternatives.

Recruiting Online Volunteers for Your Nonprofit Organization

Internal Resources for Recruiting Online Volunteers:

As always, the volunteers you already have are one of your most valuable assets for bringing new supporters on board. Ask them for ideas, and encourage them to reach out to their peers and anyone who might share their interests. Meanwhile, be sure you’re taking advantage of existing opportunities to ask for volunteers in all your communications. Create collateral materials like brochures and videos to promote your program, and talk about it regularly through channels like your social media and your website.

External Resources for Recruiting Online Volunteers:

If you haven’t already done so, contact the volunteer clearinghouses in your area. They probably have places where you can post volunteer openings and an existing database of people eager to get involved. Other good sources of referrals include local religious and lay leaders, as well as your own staff. Keep in mind that it pays to advertise too. Consider local TV, radio, and print publications, as well as targeted online ads. Check with nearby schools to see how they’re handling community service requirements for graduation in this new environment. Finally, stay in touch with the staff and organizers at the senior centers and career fairs you used to visit. You may find new ways to work together.

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