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Every successful non-profit organization thrives on volunteers. Thus, a volunteer handbook has the potential to revolutionize your volunteer department. Indeed, it can serve as a consistent resource to inspire, inform, and prepare your volunteers for their work. Having a volunteer handbook enables you, volunteers, to do the best work possible, which directly impacts everyone involved. Here are four reasons why having a volunteer handbook is vital to an organization.

Volunteer Handbook For Non-Profit Organization

Understand Roles

Volunteers need to understand exactly what role they will be fulfilling during volunteering. This is important to avoid confusion and chaos. A volunteer handbook can lay out what is expected of each volunteer in each role. A manual can also explain the policies and procedures of the event. This is beneficial because it could be hard for non-profit staff to keep up with each volunteer, and this will serve as a resource for volunteers to stay informed on their delegated tasks.

Know Your Impact

The main goal of volunteering is to help someone/something. A volunteer handbook should contain a section on why and how you are making an impact. Volunteers need to understand why they are doing what they do and how much of an impact they are making. Thus, this inspires the volunteers and makes the work more meaningful for them.

Learn the Population You’re Working With

Whether working with animals, kids, adults, or nature, it is vital to have a good understanding of that population. The volunteer handbook can layout appropriate dress code for the event as well as addressing cultural concerns if any. It’s essential for volunteers to understand who they are working with.


Having a directory serves as a resource for volunteers to contact someone if needed. This is important to clear up any confusion or concerns a volunteer may have. Emergency contacts should be included in this section as well.


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