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Getting your staff to buy into your mission is important for any employer, but the stakes may be even higher for charitable organizations. Professional HR services can help you to keep your staff engaged and excited about your mission. Here are some points to keep in mind.

HR for Charitable Organizations: Getting Employees Excited about Your Mission

Using HR to Clarify Your Mission

Would you believe that some studies have found that most employees don’t even know what their employer’s mission is? While you’re probably in a better situation than that, it still helps to work at making your mission as easy to understand as possible. HR experts can work with you to draft vision and value statements that provide detail and practical examples. You can also use surveys for evaluation.

Using HR to Communicate Your Mission

What good is a mission if you don’t discuss it? Ongoing meetings are an important tool for inviting input and staying updated. It’s also vital to make your mission relevant to each employee so they can have a meaningful relationship with it. Train supervisors to guide employees in developing individual goals tied to your mission. Monitor feedback to make sure that it’s aligned with your mission as well.

Other Suggestions

With all you have to do to keep your nonprofit running, you may not always be able to think about keeping your mission visible to your employees. That’s one of the benefits you receive by using HR services that are always working behind the scenes to make sure such important issues don’t get swamped by daily responsibilities. We can also help you with creating incentives for employees to stay engaged with your mission through benefits or simply sharing inspiring success stories.


Are you looking for help with HR activities and other administrative functions for your charitable organization? Contact us at Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions. Indeed, our experienced and credentialed experts can help create the right solutions for you.