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Nonprofit IT services can make your wishes come true, if you’ve been wanting to start a recurring donation program. Maybe you’ve seen other charities with monthly donation clubs, but you didn’t know how to get started. The process to start a monthly donation program is actually quite simple.

How Non Profit IT Services Can Help You Start a Monthly Donation Program

Nonprofit IT Services and Your Recurring Donation Program

The major benefits of a recurring donation program include generating consistent and predictable income with little extra expense. Your best prospects are usually donors who make frequent small contributions. They probably don’t have major donor capacity. However, they often try to give as much as they can even if they’re on a fixed income. In some cases, your employees may also be viable prospects. Your first step will be analyzing your donor database with a query such as any donor who made 2 or more donations of less than $100 each in the past two years. While monthly giving is usually the most common scenario, you may also want to offer other options. For example, bi-monthly or quarterly giving.

Other Suggestions for Your Recurring Donation Program

As you market your program, talk about how it makes giving convenient using a credit card or automatic bank withdrawals, while providing other payment options as needed. Given their level of commitment, these donors will usually appreciate intrinsic rewards tied to your mission, like program updates and special reports. It also helps to explain the impact of their giving with statistics that let them know what $10 or $20 a month can pay for. To keep your monthly giving club growing, publicize it through your website, social media feeds, direct mail letters, and similar materials.


Whatever your budget, the right nonprofit IT services can help your organization to accomplish a monthly donation program. Contact us at Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions today for effective and affordable administrative services customized for your needs.