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It’s no secret that marketing teams start to worry when your cultural organization sees a dip in attendance. Link the traffic loss directly to lower overall ticket and merchandise sales. This affects the cultural organization’s monthly revenue and budget. Through modern technology, new exhibit ideas, and understanding your competition, we can turn the tide on reduced traffic and actually increase the number of people through your doors.

The 3 Keys to Increasing Your Cultural Organization's Foot Traffic

Social Media Plays an Important Role in Influencing Visitors

Social media is an important marketing tool now more than ever. Thus, it is key that your team fully understands exactly how it can link to increasing foot traffic to your organization. Reputation plays a huge role in influencing visitation. According to, “What people say about your organization is 12.85x more important in building your reputation than the things you pay to say about yourself.” When past visitors share their positive experiences publicly, it’ll be more likely to influence another person to visit.

Special Exhibits Affect Long Term Attendance at Your Cultural Organization

One of the top barriers for people attending cultural organizations is they believe there’s nothing new to see. Introduce the special exhibit cycle when people think they’ve seen everything after only one visit. Actively celebrating your everyday exhibits and why they’re special is important to continued success. “People who visit both an organization’s permanent collections and the special exhibit have the highest satisfaction rates of all,” according to

Understanding Who Your Competitors Are

People who are likely to visit cultural organizations like zoos, museums, and performing arts organizations are considered “high-propensity visitors”. In order to fully understand your audience, you must also understand what they’re also interested in doing. Things like botanical gardens down the street, the movie theater, and simply staying home are all competitors you must consider. You must differentiate your organization in order to motivate your audience to attend.

Learn More About Increasing Foot Traffic to Your Cultural Organization

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