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What happens when your nonprofit runs into unexpected obstacles and you need emergency grants? There are effective ways to ask for immediate support as long as you can address the questions that foundations and other donors are likely to ask. Here are a few points to keep in mind.

Non Profit Grantwriting for Emergency Grants

Explain the Situation

You’ll need a credible explanation when you’re asking for emergency funds. It’s usually obvious when it’s related to events beyond your control like a natural disaster. On the other hand, no one’s perfect, so there may be times when you have to own up to a misjudgment on your part. It’s like explaining why you were fired during a job interview. It’s best to take accountability for your actions instead of blaming others. Then, be sure to emphasize what you learned and how that will help you to improve in the future.

Focus on Impact

You’re probably worried about taking care of your light bill and making payroll. However, you’ll make a more compelling case if you focus on how the situation affects those you serve. Describe the consequences of cutting back on services and neglecting important issues. If possible, quantify the outcomes to make them more vivid and concrete.

Share Your Recovery Plan

Show your supporters that you have a detailed and realistic recovery plan to get you back on your feet, and prevent this from happening again. That will probably include monitoring expenses and considering all available sources of support. You might be able to get a loan, and program officers at some foundations may have discretionary funds they can distribute outside of the usual grantmaking cycle. Keep your donors updated about your progress and how you’re resolving the situation.

Learn More About Grant Writing for Emergency Grants

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