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Nonprofit IT services can free up valuable time if you have a calendar full of meetings. See how you can leverage technology to reduce meeting time so you’ll have time for important tasks. Simple upgrades may help you to need fewer meetings and make those meetings more productive.

How Non Profit IT Services Can Save You from Excessive Meetings

Back view of businesswoman talking to her colleagues about a business plan in a video conference call.

Nonprofit IT Services for Video Conference Call Meetings

We can help you find the right technology for your communication needs. For example, switch to video calls if your current conference calls aren’t delivering satisfactory results. You’ll find that many of your basic best practices still apply. Preparing and circulating a focused agenda and limiting attendance to essential participants can help. You may also want support for choosing a reliable and high-quality video conference app, and for implementing screen sharing so you can enjoy collaborative work sessions.

Nonprofit IT Services for Communication and Collaboration Technology

Even on a tight budget, you do not have to limit your team communications to meetings and emails. Let us know what you need to accomplish so we can recommend collaborative technology. Then, implement project and task management solutions that are appropriate for your nonprofit, your employees, and your mission. For example, you might benefit from a shared workspace platform or additional features for file and document management.


There’s more to life than meetings, especially when you harness the power of nonprofit IT services. Contact us at Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions to learn more about our business support services including grant writing, accounting, and IT services and support.