Best Facilities Management For Your Business

Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions organization has a 501C3 status and is proud to offer our wealth of experience in facilities management in different US states. We focus on providing effective management services to all nonprofit organizations and small businesses to meet their client’s needs. Our main functions of facilities management are stipulated below. Human Resources Mainstream … Read moreBest Facilities Management For Your Business

Executive & Interim Leadership Services for Your Nonprofit

If you remember the childhood tale of Chicken Little, running around and screaming “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”  then you know exactly what it feels like when your nonprofit unexpectedly experiences a temporary gap in leadership. It could be a resignation or termination. It could be a parental or other leave of … Read moreExecutive & Interim Leadership Services for Your Nonprofit

Importance of Nonprofit C-suite Professionals

Executive professionals are a necessity for any organization, they provide leadership, are key decision makers and budget overseers. Non-profit executives deliver these skills through a charitable lens. Hiring and Recruitment Executives are not usually directly involved in the hiring process for most of the employees in an organization, their impact takes place before the interviews … Read moreImportance of Nonprofit C-suite Professionals

Church Administration Support Services

Most churches have strong congregations filled with church members eager to help. Church members want to see their churches operating at their top capacity, but that isn’t always easy. Understanding how to manage payroll, IRS requirements, multiple online donations, and even website maintenance is a constant challenge for many churches. These struggles can get in … Read moreChurch Administration Support Services

Best Staff Retention Tips for Nonprofits in 2021

According to a survey done by the Delaware-based business advisory firm BDO, the number one challenge of nonprofits in the country as of 2017 was recruitment and retention of employees. A whopping 72% of respondents, comprising CFO’s and executive directors from over 100 nonprofits, cited this as their number one headache. As of 2020, funding concerns have, … Read moreBest Staff Retention Tips for Nonprofits in 2021

Why Your Nonprofit Needs to Outsource IT Security

The Internet plays a key role in the daily operations of nearly every business. Technology makes it possible to communicate instantly with clients across the globe. However, the advantages of technology aren’t without a few drawbacks. Hackers are always looking at new strategies to steal your data and wreak havoc in the workplace. Understanding how … Read moreWhy Your Nonprofit Needs to Outsource IT Security

Keeping Up with Information Technology Trends at Your Nonprofit

Looking back at what has happened in the digital world a decade ago, it was impossible to predict back then. The past year or so amid the pandemic gives us a grasp of what to expect in the post-pandemic world. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into trends your nonprofit needs to watch and learn … Read moreKeeping Up with Information Technology Trends at Your Nonprofit