Don’t Let Administrative Services Be Your Nonprofit’s Weakness

Nonprofit organizations are often lauded for their good deeds and contributions to society, but what is less well known is the many challenges these organizations face in terms of administrative services. A lack of resources in this area can have a significant impact on an organization’s ability to achieve its goals and objectives. How Important … Read moreDon’t Let Administrative Services Be Your Nonprofit’s Weakness

Financial Management for your Nonprofit

At Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions (MNS), we understand that managing organizational finances is a source of challenges and failure for many organizations, especially nonprofit organizations. The need for financial consultancy is not a new trend in any sector. Many organizations soon realize their increasing magnitude of financial risks as they grow or implement organizational changes. As … Read moreFinancial Management for your Nonprofit

Essential IT Services for Non Profits

In today’s world, it’s impossible to escape the impact that digital technology has had on daily life. Like any business, your organization relies on information technology (IT) to deliver your services. Navigating the world of IT can be challenging if you don’t have the time or staff to focus on it. Fortunately, Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions … Read moreEssential IT Services for Non Profits

Executive Services for Your Nonprofit

You also need some help helping others, especially if you are the top running a nonprofit organization. While most nonprofits depend on volunteers to accomplish their agendas, it isn’t easy finding volunteers for executive positions who can make financial decisions, evoke action, and handle staff. But this doesn’t mean that your nonprofit should come to … Read moreExecutive Services for Your Nonprofit

Executive Services for Daily Operations, Strategy and Innovation

It’s important for an organization to have good leaders for daily operations. Usually, the leader who is most in the public eye is the CEO, but there are also other c-suite leaders such as the CFO (chief financial officer), the COO (chief operations officer) and the CIO (chief information officer). Links Inside and Outside the … Read moreExecutive Services for Daily Operations, Strategy and Innovation

Finance: Job Roles And Responsibilities

Non-profit organizations need to have people who work on their financials just as a for-profit company would. Some think that non-profit organizations never concern themselves with the dollars and cents of how the operation runs, but that simply isn’t the case. In reality, non-profit organizations have to manage their budgets tightly as well if they … Read moreFinance: Job Roles And Responsibilities

Best Facilities Management For Your Business

Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions organization has a 501C3 status and is proud to offer our wealth of experience in facilities management in different US states. We focus on providing effective management services to all nonprofit organizations and small businesses to meet their client’s needs. Our main functions of facilities management are stipulated below. Human Resources Mainstream … Read moreBest Facilities Management For Your Business

Executive & Interim Leadership Services for Your Nonprofit

If you remember the childhood tale of Chicken Little, running around and screaming “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”  then you know exactly what it feels like when your nonprofit unexpectedly experiences a temporary gap in leadership. It could be a resignation or termination. It could be a parental or other leave of … Read moreExecutive & Interim Leadership Services for Your Nonprofit

Importance of Nonprofit C-suite Professionals

Executive professionals are a necessity for any organization, they provide leadership, are key decision makers and budget overseers. Non-profit executives deliver these skills through a charitable lens. Hiring and Recruitment Executives are not usually directly involved in the hiring process for most of the employees in an organization, their impact takes place before the interviews … Read moreImportance of Nonprofit C-suite Professionals